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Simple sign language can help your baby communicate their needs, even before they can speak! It reduces their frustration by enabling your baby to tell you what they need or want.  Usually around 8-9 months of age babies begin to really know what it is they want.  

Commonly babies are taught simple signs around 6-7 months of age and can begin using them around 8-9 months. Signing can also be coupled with starting solids or mealtimes to help babies follow their own fullness & hunger cues.  

Here are some tips on teaching your baby sign language; 

  • There’s no right or wrong age to start teaching your child.  

  • Keep talking to your baby, don’t replace speaking with signing. 

  • Practice, practice, practice. Be sure to repeat and be consistent. 

  • Sign common activities and objects in your baby’s daily life! 

  • Your baby may not sign perfectly or get it right away! Keep it fun and light. 

  • Include others in your baby’s day to day life. 

Here are some common words that you can start with; 

Cat, cup, cold, daddy, diaper, dog, done, drink, eat, help, hot, hurt, I love you, milk, mommy, more, nap, no, outside, sit, sleep, up, water. 


Visit American Sign Language ASL Dictionary for demonstrations and how-to's!  


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