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World Breastfeeding Week

The goal for Breastfeeding Week is to raise awareness of the health benefits to both mom and baby.  Breastfeeding is one of the best investments for saving lives and improving the health of health, social and economic development of individuals and nations.  All parents with young children should have access to skilled breastfeeding access and support from health facilities, workplaces and communities.  A public health approach to breastfeeding is needed to build better systems in normal and crisis situations.

National Breastfeeding is celebrated in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week.  Each week focuses on a specific theme.  Check them out at https://wicworks.fns.usda.gov/resources/2021-national-wic-breastfeeding-week

  • Week 1 (august 1-7) – World Breastfeeding Week – Theme:  Protect Breastfeeding:  A Shared Responsibility
  • Week 2 (August 8-14) – Native Breastfeeding Week – Theme: Nourishing our Futures
  • Week 3 (August 15-21) – Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Week – Theme: Reclaiming Tradition
  • Week 4 (August 24-31) – Black Breastfeeding Week – Theme:  The Big Pause: Collective Rest for Collective Power

Celebrate National Breastfeeding Month with us and if you see someone breastfeeding, give them some words of encouragement! 

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